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Dear Friends

We are close to three years of the kidnapping of our leader Ingrid Betancourt. It was an event that brought, not only pain and sorrow to her family and supporters, but also great difficulties to those of us who believe and spread her political thoughts and identify with the Green philosophy. In spite of the enormous difficulties we have faced during the long period of her captivity, we have not reduced our efforts to achieve her liberation and the continuation of her political projects. But what we can heighten the most is that we have never being alone. It has been you, who have given us constant support, the reason we have been able to keep up and advance in a path with so many obstacles. We are sincerely grateful and we celebrate your position standing by our side. We hope to maintain the friendship ties that keep us together and to be joyful on the arrival of Ingrid.


In Eygalayes, a small village of 76 inhabitants in the southern part of the department of the Drôme which is in Provence, the Mayor and his deputies have had the idea of giving homage to all the women of our world, and of our society, who have fought hard in order to be recognised. As a result, upsetting the norms, Egalayes has created for the first time in France, a main square dedicated to women. This homage won through a raffle, gives the opportunity to have the main square named after a woman during her lifetime for the period of a year.

The first draw took place at the time of St Valentine’s Day 2000 and was open to all the women in France; it was a success. But the Members of Parliament did not look favourably on this, as it is irregular to name places after people whilst alive. Nevertheless, the indomitable people of the Drôme have continued their initiative in 2001 and 2002.

For 2003, the square has been named after Ingrid Betancourt to link it to her different support comittees and to provide a starting point for a campaign of solidarity with Colombian hostages.


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